Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Been a while, yeah?

Well, I'm hugely pregnant now. I'm pretty sure the last time I blogged I had just found out I was pregnant and expressed how shocking it was that it was so easy to conceive this time. It's been a long time since then and I am now 19 weeks and 2 days along.

We know what we are having and we know HER name! Say hello to Evelyn Elise!

I secretly and selfishly longed for a second girl even though this is our last baby and Ryan wanted a boy. She's truly a little miracle though. We love her so much.

Abby is so so big now. She is walking all over like a champ for the most part! She jabbers all day long and she is so smart. Here she is announcing what we are having! She's so stinking cute! (I know, I'm tooting my own horn.)

Here's a belly shot comparison for the fun of it ;)

We are getting pretty serious about the cloth diaper stash, as well. We have ordered 10 NB diapers and 12 OS pockets. We got a Bumgenius elemental the other day and plan to get 3 BG pockets as soon as I make the money from the diapers I sold tomorrow! I'm pretty excited in case you can't tell.

More news, Ryan made 1st class! Come December our money cares will be a distant memory and it couldn't have come at a better time! On a sad note, because we bought this house, Ryan is going to have to re enlist in October. On the plus side, the bonus is pretty hefty right now so it will help us get out of debt. I would still rather be poor than to watch my husband leave a million times for underways and a couple deployments. I can't stand the thought of our girls having to witness that and grow up missing daddy, either.

Well, that's life in a nutshell right now. I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for continuing to read even though I've been a slacker :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monthly updte

Apparently I have started a trend. The last date I posted was 2.19 and I suddenly get the urge to post another update today,look at the date and realize it's 3.19. Eh, alrighty then.

So, here's the scoop. I am 30 weeks today. I haven't taken my 30 week photo yet because it's been one heck of a day. I'm getting to that before I post this update but before I do, here is the past months worth of updates:

So, last time we were here:
Since then, this happened:
Yes, I had a midget stand up comedian kiss my belly
I found out for sure that I have PUPPP:

PUPPP is basically like chicken pox for pregnant women. It's insanely itchy, painful and it breaks out anywhere from your lower abdomen to your entire body (usually not the face though)
I hit 27 weeks:
I grieved a bit for our angel baby (who should be one year old in 5 days):
Ryan primed and painted the nursery!:
We bought my hospital bag:
I hit 28 weeks!:
(apparently I cannot add. I should have said 12 to go, lol)
Came across angel baby's only clothing items (my mom had gotten them at a yard sale while I was still pregnant):
Got a Bumbo at a steal of a price:
My parents came to visit:
We got our 4d ultrasound done but I'm not showing you those :)

I turned 29 weeks:
Got a new diaper bag (it's number 3, lol):
Got the car seat, main stroller and back up stroller!

Discovered Abby's butt sticking up out of my belly on the right side:
Went to the St Patrick's Day parade with my BFF and hubby and it was cold and rainy through the first half:

And that brings us to today. I am 30 weeks. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead so I MAY have her in less than 10 weeks. We don't expect for her due date to change but you never know!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Abriella,

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant with you and boy are you proving that you exist today. Rolling, kicking and hitting my belly as if to say, "Hey! Pay attention to me!". But, I can't pay much attention to you yet. The most I can do is touch or hold my belly and talk to you (though you can't understand what I'm saying). I do that every day anyway. I love that you still kick me even when my hand is on my belly. I also love that you finally kicked your daddy's hand.

Thoughts of you and the preparations for you consume me. If I'm not looking at clothes I long to buy for you or hoping someone buys this or that for you, I'm thinking about what/who you will look like and how excited I am that we get to see you for the first time in almost 2 months in just 2 weeks and 6 days! I also can't believe that your Grandma and Grandpa will be here. The last time they saw me, I was this big:

 And this is how big I am now:

You make me feel weird sometimes because you kick me in my butt. I have been reading that a lot of women with an anterior placenta get that feeling as well. I feel like you are trying to kick your way out back there.

I love you so much. I don't know what to do with myself. I want to touch you, feed you, hold you and watch you grow (but not too fast!). I want to watch your daddy with you. I can't wait to see how you two interact. I'm 100% sure that I will have a hard time sharing you. I carried you for 9 months (by the time you are born) and I want to continue doing so. I can't even imagine the anxiety I will have the first night we leave you with someone so we can go out for a couple of hours. I don't even want to think about it.

I have so much to say to you but I just can't get it all out right now. Just know that you and daddy are my world and I promise to be everything you deserve.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's happening lately

I know I have been pretty horrible about keeping this updated but I really thought more people would follow this blog to follow the pregnancy journey but instead they are following my regular blog and I always update that blog! Anyway, here are my recent updates VIA IG photos :)

Let's start here. I looked around the gym while working out 2 weeks ago and realized none of the other pregnant women were there and I was being looked at by most of the people within eyesight. Made me feel pretty uncomfortable.
Turned 25 weeks and had an upper respiratory infection. 
 Yes, the cloth on my face was pretty much my only relief from my runny, raw nose.
 Got Abriella's playard/bassinet thanks to her Aunt Missie and cousin Mady.
 Finally got the LifeProof case I have been dying for and it me proofed AND baby proofed my phone
Enough said.

Dressed up for Valentine's Day and felt great doing so! Too bad my hormones were raging and food/drinks tasted horrid that day.
Got this super adorable outfit which MAY be her coming home outfit!
 Had super swollen fingers yesterday morning and thought my ring wearing days were over. Thank God they aren't yet!
Last but not least!!! Last night baby girl was kicking and Ryan sat his hand on my belly just in time for her to give a good, hard kick! He felt it! I then giggled for a while so he didn't feel anything but after I stopped laughing she kicked hard again! The smile on his face was so amazing. I could have cried. He said "That was my first contact with her" and then he kissed my belly. I can't wait to watch them grow together after she is born. He is already a fantastic daddy <3 p="">

Monday, January 28, 2013

Almost 23 weeks!

I have been going a little crazy lately with the bump pics so I figured I would post them in here. Before I do that, how about a story?

We got to see Abriella yesterday but not because of a scheduled sonogram, because I just KNEW I had some stuff going on that shouldn't be going on and we went to the er so I didn't have to wait to call my dr until Monday and not be seen until Tuesday or Wednesday. Her heart rate was still a strong 150 and she was wiggling like a worm. Turns out I have a yeast infection AND Bacterial Vaginosis AND bacteria in my urine but not enough to be considered a UTI. The dr gave me medication to treat all 3 but I'm not taking the medication for the UTI unless I develop one. I hate taking medication while pregnant. It brings on anxiety for me. Not to mention, the med for the yeast infection was a category c med. I hated taking it but felt relieved when I read about so many women taking it with no issues. I also have a few friends who have taking it, so I took it and Abby is still kicking like crazy and all that today.

It really grosses me out that I have all of these problems but you have to understand that the chemistry in a woman changes A LOT due to raging hormones during pregnancy so, no matter how clean we are (or aren't), it doesn't make a difference.

Anyway, here are pictures! I believe they start at week 22 and go through today which is 22 weeks and 5 days :)

I'm a little bit more than obsessed, wouldn't you say? Those have ALL been taken in the last 2 weeks.